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Vinyl siding is the most obvious when damaged.  Cracks and holes in the siding are good (and obvious) indicators.  Spotting dents on aluminum and steel can be tricky.  What you see at 8:00am may look totally different at 5:00pm.  What you see during an overcast day may look totally different in full sun.  If there is no match to the siding you currently have, most insurance companies in Minnesota will pay to replace all of the siding on your house.  A few years back, a well-known insurance company was involved in a lawsuit in which it was required to pay for claims in which there was no suitable match to be found.  In an extreme example of this, I was shown a hail dent (just one, mind you) on home in 2002 that was barely recognizable with the naked eye, and yet was told that their insurance company was going to cover everything.  This was close to a $20,000 claim!  A number of factors can play into the reasoning for this, but needless to say, Minnesotans are paying the price for 10 (or more) years of major hail storms (1998-2008). 

Finding hail damage on your roof is more challenging than on siding.  Each insurance company has its own adjusters that they use to determine the extent of the damage to your roof and /or roof deck.  A hail hit will look as if someone rubbed their thumb in a twisting motion on the surface of the shingle.  Some asphalt loss may occur on the entirety of the roof and shingles, but the extent of the damage (in the insurance companies mind) is to be seen in areas where potential water infiltration could occur in the future.  This includes, but is not limited to, the shingles themselves.  A typical insurance adjuster will look for 6 to 8 “hits” in an area 10’ by 10’ (known as a “square”).

So know the facts.  Ask a qualified, licensed professional contractor to examine your home to make a determination before you call your insurance agent at the first sighting of a hail stone.  Some companies offer this service free of charge and without obligation.  At Northern Exteriors MN Inc., we are more than happy to inspect your home and help you through the process.  Call us today for a free home inspection (651)230-5103.

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Use Northern Exteriors MN Inc. for all your hail damage work:

* We will work with ALL insurance companies
* We will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure maximum benefit
* Draw on our extensive insurance claim knowledge to help speed the process
* Expect fair pricing as we use market prices (given by the insurance companies)
* Have your materials upgraded for FREE (no gimmicks)

Remember, requisites for a smooth insurance-claim process necessitates a contractor seasoned with insurance know-how, excellent communication, extensive product knowledge, and of course, experience.  Do not chance your biggest investment with just anyone.
Minnesota Hail Damage

It’s that season again when our 5.8 inches of rain allotted for the months of April and May are accompanied by these frozen balls of havoc called hail.  The National Weather Service reported 1,032 Minnesota storm reports in 2007 (Tornadoes = 18 / Hail Reports = 698 / Wind Reports = 316), much of which has been absorbed in the form of higher insurance premiums.  Having a real estate inspector tell a potential buyer that your home has been hail damaged can be disheartening.  Know the facts.  As a homeowner, it is important not only to learn how to spot hail damage, but to know what to do when you have it.
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