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Jason Berrey

TITLE:  Owner, publisher (of this website), project manager... I wear many hats and I love it.

One of our workers having a heart attack on the roof of one of our projects.

YOUR STYLE / APPROACH:  I want the homeowner to feel at ease and comfortable whether I am giving a bid, working on product selection with them, or working out the details of the project.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge; “Undaunted Courage” by Steven Ambrose.

Roger Kuhn

TITLE:  Project manager

Preventing a hostile re-takeover of a squirrel’s nest in the soffit of a garage.

YOUR STYLE / APPROACH:  I am a people person with a desire to have a completely satisfied customer.  I put a high priority on establishing trust.  I love to build relationships with homeowners that sometimes turn into friendships.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  “Love Talk” by Les & Leslie Parrott; “The Master Builder” by Jim Durkin.

Chad Salonek

TITLE:  Project manager

MOST MEMORABLE WORK MOMENT:  Each project has its own.

YOUR STYLE / APPROACH:  I believe it is my job to take control of the project in order that the homeowner has complete confidence in what we do.  A lot of our referrals aren’t just from great craftsmanship, but a job well managed.

FAVORITE BOOKS:  I don’t have time to read anymore.  I've got kids.
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Jason Berrey (Owner)

Northern Exteriors Minnesota Inc.
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