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Your Home is your castle.  If you are uncomfortable with the idea of me performing surgery on you, then why allow the cheapest bidder or the fastest talker to improve your most valued asset?

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE (O.K. at least be careful):

#1 High Pressure (High Cost) Sales

If your salesman, or representative has to call his manager, RUN!  There is nothing worse than getting “slimed” by a siding salesman (or roofing salesman for that matter).  What fosters such an environment are so many variables involved.  Costs vary in product, labor, overhead… which explains why a company can (some really do this) start out at $20,000 and by the time they leave (if you are a hard sell, and you haven’t kicked them out yet) their price has dropped to $11,000.  It’s not like buying a car, where you have a pretty good idea of what it will cost beforehand.  Avoid the “today only” deals.  If the offer is not good 2 weeks from today, say “bye-bye.”  A very large, well-known home improvement store just started offering installation services on roofing, siding, and window replacement services.  I can virtually count on our (apples-to-apples) bid being 20% less than theirs.  High cost bids usually mean high overhead.  Now I am a big believer that you get what you pay for.  But in this industry, use discernment.  Are you paying for said contractor’s advertising or for craftsmanship?  Are you paying for a salesman’s commission or for a quality siding product?  Northern Exteriors MN believes in putting its money where it matters:  Skilled craftsmen & top-of-the-line products.

#2 Unlicensed Contractors

Anyone can do work on your home.
Not just anyone can get a Minnesota RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS LICENSE.  But it doesn’t stop there; you (yes you) could apply and receive, with no testing whatsoever, a single trade license for siding OR roofing, but not one for both trades.  Do not even talk to a person who will not produce his license.  Better yet, search a potential contractor’s license history with the Department of Labor and Industry to find out about suspensions, revocations…

#3 Money Upfront (most of the time)

Just ask the gentleman I met in River Falls, WI in 2001 who told me of his experience with an unlicensed company who asked for half upfront ($10,000) and… that is right; he never heard from him again.  Not everyone who asks for money upfront is a crook, but be weary.  Financial stability and integrity are important factors when finding the right siding or roofing contractor for your construction project.  More often than not, windows will require a down payment.

#4 Brands Exclusive to that Company Only

Manufacturers are now branding their products with a contractor’s own, unique name.  “We are the only company in Minnesota authorized to carry…”  I have been offered this privilege, and am still wondering what the enormous benefit is to having a product no one has ever heard of.  This seems to be more prevalent with windows than siding.  Let me give you an example:  Let’s say that Pella, Marvin, or Anderson Windows approached me with the exclusive rights to sell their windows under the Northern Exteriors name-plate (We’ll call it the “North Lite” window).  Would you be more trusting of one of the big three or my branded version?  Simply ask where one can find said product on the MANUFACTURER’S website; then watch ‘em squirm.

No matter the siding, roofing, or window project you choose, ask a Northern Exteriors Minnesota home improvement professional to inform your decision. 
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